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Kinetikos Bodywork Therapy is a collective of holistic manual therapists who are committed to improving people's health through bodywork and acupuncture, holistic medicine that guides one's body to heal.

We offer a wide variety of complementary health services, which are highly effective in reducing pain, relaxing your mind and body, and improving wellbeing, especially when combined with each other. It is our goal to provide high-quality healing care; a safe and comfortable environment; and holistic health care information to assist our clients' efforts to improve their health.

The Kinetikos practitioners continually attend classes to add knowledge and tools to our work. This makes our work even more potent and effective to address a greater range of our clients' needs. Below is the impressive array of classes we've taken in the last year, and in addition to these official classes, we absorb skills and lessons from all of our colleagues practically every day!

Susie Roman passed her CranioSacral certification this year and is finishing the highest-level classes available in this program's curriculum. She was recruited to be a support therapist in three week-long CranioSacral intensives, in which she received mentoring as she worked with very complex diagnoses and injuries, and she also assisted in three CranioSacral classes.

Risa Kearn attended two workshops about the structure and function of nerve cells in the brain and in the guts and how to work with these deep parts of our nervous system. She attended the thorax visceral class, which covers the boney and visceral structures of neck and chest region. She also added SomatoEmotional Release to her CranioSacral skills.

Kalen Richardson added to her Visceral Manipulation skills by taking the thorax class, which taught her to work with the heart, lungs, and throat and gave her more skills to work with the boney structures of the shoulder girdle and rib cage.

Holly Krebs took her second vascular class, learning to work with the heart, its valves, and the arteries of the upper body. She also completed a visceral pediatrics class to better serve her growing population of young clients; took an advance clinical class about the intestines; and hosted a visceral class in Lawrence.

Cole Cottin participated in an undulations teacher training, continued her studies in Core Shamanism, and completed two CranioSacral classes for healing mothers and babies and addressing birth trauma. She also recently began training to become a faculty member for Hellerwork International and will teach in their upcoming training in Omaha, NE.

Clementine Mitchell attended multiple Access Consciousness© advanced classes this year. They emphasize an intimate engagement with our innate life-force energy to create profound transformation, greater consciousness, and more expansive life possibilities. She also continued to pursue Body Talk studies that enable a deeper communion between the body and being, with a strong desire to awaken lost knowledge possessed within each of us.

Casey Emmerich attended several in-depth workshops that taught her Ayurvedic body types, lifestyle and dietary changes that support these different types, and new manual skills to integrate into her lymphatic work. She also spent three, life-changing weeks in india that greatly changed her perspectives on health and wellness.

Carla Davenport took a Chinese dermatology class to address psoriasis and is looking forward to taking more classes in this series to address other skin conditions. This year, she has focused on attending business Mastermind classes to further support the entrepreneurial aspect of her practice, and she retook ethics and first aid classes in order to meet Kansas's new acupuncture licensing requirements.

Brian Ubert finished the complete curriculum of an extensive orthopedic training program. It taught him a comprehensive set of assessment tools to identify biomechanical dysfunction, and he is now certified as a clinical rehabilitative massage specialist.

Best wishes for your good health.
Brian, Carla, Casey, Clementine, Cole, Holly, Kalen, Risa, and Susie

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