Specials with Cole

My dear clients,

It is with a warm heart that I write to share two special offerings with you, in celebration of my one-year anniversary as a practitioner at Vitality Health Collective.

The following two specials – “Referral Rewards” and “Self-care Series Savings” (I’m sorry, I had to… I love alliterations!) – are intended to both support you in meeting your own ongoing self-care and therapeutic touch needs, and to encourage others to do the same.

Most Sincerely,
Cole Cottin
Hellerwork™ Structural Integration & CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner

Referral Rewards

Throughout February and March, for each new client* you refer to my practice you can enjoy a $10 discount on your next session with me.

  • *There is no limit to how many new clients you can refer and be discounted for, just make sure they say you referred them when I ask ;-)
  • * I’ll write to let you know each time you receive a Referral Reward (however, to protect confidentiality, I won’t say who it was that came in).
  • * If you do not need/want this discount, you may "pay it forward" either to someone that you know or to one of my existing clients in need.

Self-care Series Savings

Throughout February and March, pre-pay for a series of multiple sessions* for yourself (or as a gift for someone else) and receive discounts at the following rates:

  • $5 off each session in a series of 3 sessions or more
  • $10 off each session in a series of 10 sessions or more
  • *Pre-paid sessions work like a gift card, they expire after one year.
  • *Pre-paid sessions are not refundable, but they are 100% transferable.

The Benefits of Receiving Regular Bodywork

The effects of integrative bodywork are cumulative – the more of this type of work you receive, the more you can get out of it. Here's are some examples of the types of benefits that add up as you continue to receive the work:

  • Increased Happiness – Less tension = less anxiety & depression = more smiling.
  • Better Sleep – Regular bodywork promotes more restful sleep patterns.
  • Immune Support – Moving lymphatic fluids around and improving circulation in general helps move toxins to keep you healthy or help you return to healthy after being ill.
  • A Sense of Clarity & Balance – Realigning your body leads to greater balance in hormones, stress response, cardiovascular function, brain function, and more.
  • Increased Energy, Dynamic Aging – Stay fluid and feel more comfortable as you age, and experience elevated energy levels too.

Taking part in regularly scheduled bodywork and other regular forms of self-care can play a major part in sustaining (or recovering) health and youthfulness with each passing year.

Like nutritious meals and regular daily movement, I find regular bodywork is as necessary to my function as regular oil changes are for my car. Budgeting time and money to receive bodywork at consistent intervals is an integral part of my long-term health plan, an investment in both my career and my life… (I figure I can’t live on this planet without my body, and I won’t have a career if I suffer injury from repetitive strain. ;-)

After years of living a life that took more of my energy than it gave me, it was my own need for ongoing self-care that brought me to this profession. I could not be more energized to support you and yours in meeting your own self-care needs in 2018!

I send you the warmest of wellness wishes.
Cole Cottin
Hellerwork™ Structural Integration & CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner

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