Kinetikos Bodywork Therapy


Kinetikos Bodywork Therapy is a collective of holistic manual therapists who are committed to improving people's health through bodywork and acupuncture, holistic medicine that guides one's body to heal.

We offer a wide variety of complementary health services, which are highly effective in reducing pain, relaxing your mind and body, and improving wellbeing, especially when combined with each other. It is our goal to provide high-quality healing care; a safe and comfortable environment; and holistic health care information to assist our clients' efforts to improve their health.

Last year, Kinetikos moved into Vitaility Health Collective. We have joined Atma Clinic, which provides holistic medical care; Stillpoint Neurofeedback; and Community Homebirth, to create a diverse, collaborative practice of holistic health care providers. We are located at 401 Arkansas, two blocks west of 4th & Maine, and catty corner to the southwest corner of the hospital.

Best wishes for your good health.
Brian, Carla, Casey, Clementine, Cole, Holly, Kalen, Risa, and Susie

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