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Holly Krebs - 785.832.1720 (o), hollykrebs@gmail.com

Holly is a Certified Rolfer© and also practices Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy, and Neural Mobilization; a session with Holly often integrates all four of these therapies as is needed. After graduating from the University of Kansas in 2001, Holly used a combination of bodywork, acupuncture, and dietary changes to heal her organs and become healthier and more vital. After a childhood of compromised health, Holly was excited to discover how profoundly alternative health care and lifestyle changes reduced her pain, improved her energy, and helped her resolve emotional and psychological stresses. She soon entered into massage therapy training with the intent of later becoming a Rolfer, which she did in 2008. She is also the owner of Kinetikos Bodywork Therapy. She lives with her husband, Brett Stoppel, and their three children, Evy Krebs, Hazel Stoppel, and Emerson Stoppel. Holly is not currently seeking new clients and recommends her officemates, Risa Kearn and Kalen Richardson, for Rolfing services.

Risa Kearn - 785.760.1059 (c), risalei@hotmail.com

Risa is a Certified Rolfer© who also uses Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Rolf Movement education, and Neural Mobilization in her sessions. Risa grew up in Lawrence and graduated from the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare in 2000. She also represented KU as a member of the rowing team, an early inspiration for her later interest in bodywork. After graduation she served in AmeriCorps for two years, building houses with Habitat for Humanity one year and performing outdoor service with Outward Bound during the second year. While serving in Atlanta, she chose to use the AmeriCorps education grant to pursue her massage therapy training. Upon returning to Lawrence to practice as a massage therapist, she was convinced by Holly that Rolfing should be the next step in her career, and she finished her training in 2008. She lives with her husband, Keenan, their two sons, Liam and John. You can now schedule online with her.

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Kalen Richardson - 620.222.1018 (c), kalen@stillrolfing.com

Kalen is a certified Rolfing Structural Integrator. She is a recent graduate, who has been studying and practicing "the ten-series" since 2013. Kalen grew up in Winfield, KS and graduated from the University of Kansas in 2010 with a degree in English/Creative Writing and then again in 2013 with a Masters of Fine Arts in Fiction Writing. During Graduate School much of her extra time and focus went to the study and practice of yoga, which she chose to pursue after graduation. She received her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification in 2013 and has studied, trained, and taught yoga in Lawrence, KS and Boulder, CO. She enjoys the practice of Rolfing as it employs both the physical body and linear mind's limitations, and nonlinear, acausal possibilities.

Brian Ubert - 913.706.7426 (c), brianubertcmt@gmail.com

A native to Kansas, Brian is a massage therapist who specializes in working with athletes and improving athletic performance. He uses deep tissue and myotherapy techniques to provide performance-based sports medicine support for the training and competitive needs of elite athletes, developing athletes, and first-time competitors. He works with athletes in all sports including baseball, soccer, football, basketball, triathlons, cycling, and running. Brian was introduced to manual therapy through chiropractic care and massage therapy. The cumulative effect of these practices relieved his chronic discomforts, which lead him to pursue an education in bodywork. In addition to having his private practice at Kinetikos, he is the massage therapist for Sporting Kansas City of Major League Soccer since '11 where he works with the professional athletes under an athletic training program. During his time with Sporting Kansas City they have been named the '12 Major League Soccer Medical Staff of the Year, which lead to being named the '13 Major League Soccer All-Star Medical Staff. Brian has been a volunteer and volunteer organizer for numerous local 5K/10K/4M events including; '10 Kansas Marathon, '10-'12 Kansas 70.3 Ironman Triathlon, and '13 Double Road Race. Brian now resides in Kansas City where he continues to hone his massage career.

Clementine Mitchell - 785.760.7886 (c), clem@runspot.net

is a multi-dimensional health practitioner whose 15+ years of extensive training in a wide range of energetic modalities, bodywork, and spiritual development allows her to cultivate well-being from a dynamic, holistic perspective. Through her personal journey of resolving childhood maladies and emotional patterns, she unearthed the ability to "read" energetic information, a key component to her work. With the integration of medical and spiritually intuitive techniques for bridging science and Source Wisdom, Clementine supports resolution of the energetic, emotional, and psychological obstacles to wellness and inner harmony. An adventuresome traveler recently returning once again to native Kansas, Clementine's enthusiastic and playful spirit inspired her to also coin the term "Spiritual Cheerleader." She loves to creatively draw the best out of others in everything she does! For more information about Clementine and her work, visit www.shinehappyhealthy.com

Lilly Mason - 785.393.1709 (c), lillymason@gmail.com

Lilly is a Certified Professional Midwife offering full prenatal, birth, postpartum, newborn and well woman care plus placenta remedy services. A lifetime Lawrencian, Lilly earned her BA from Knox College in Galesburg Ill, and then trained as an EMT, a Doula and a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. Between 2003 and 2014 she studied with four local homebirth midwives and completed two 2 internships at Better Birth Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lilly is passionate about holding space so that women can find empowerment in the sacred acts of womanhood, menarche, motherhood, and menopause. She believes all women have the ability to birth from a place of power and grace and it is her passion to help women discover this place within themselves. Lilly is thrilled to join with Kinetikos as she has repeatedly seen her clients, both mothers and babies, benefit from bodywork during pregnancy and parenting! In her spare time Lilly plays fiddle, guitar and mandolin in Clementine, quilts and enjoys her own wonderful family!

Supriya Desai, L.Ac (MO), - 215.499,1956 (c), supi.desai@gmail.com

Supriya is an acupuncturist who obtained an M.S. in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College New York and is certified by the NCCAOM as a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine. She joined the field of Chinese Medicine after three years of consulting following her graduation from The George Washington University. After encouragement from her physician parents, Supriya embarked on the path to becoming an acupuncturist in order to make a substantial difference in people's lives each day and has never looked back since! As a self-proclaimed people person, her compassionate treatment style emphasizes personal communication with patients coupled with successful clinical results. She provides facial rejuvenation acupuncture with facial massage as well as traditional acupuncture and herbal therapy, treating a variety of ailments. A running enthusiast, she ran the Chicago and New York Marathons in 2006 and 2009, respectively. Supriya recently moved from NYC to Lawrence with her boyfriend, Cam, who is completing an MFA in Creative Writing at The University of Kansas. Born in Philadelphia and having lived in the Northeast all her life, she's thrilled to make Lawrence her new home.

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Casey Emmerich Sorell - 785.766.4561 (c), cmedream1@gmail.com

Casey is a Lymph Drainage Therapist. A past surgery left her with chronic lymphedema, Casey became interested in Lymph Drainage Therapy but had difficulty finding a practitioner in the area. She decided to pursue the training herself to provide this health service to the Lawrence community which she has called home since 1983. In addition to her hands-on therapy, she provides her clients with guidance, support, and the tools to clean their bodies and boost their immune system through other means as well, such as dietary and lifestyle changes as well as other practices. Casey is passionate about her work with her clients and continues to take classes and workshops to continue her growth as a practitioner. She feels she can never learn enough about the body and is eager to share this knowledge. She is certified to work with clients that have lymphedema and is a teaching assistant through the Chikly Institute where she received her training. Casey spends her free time with her children, Cienna, Indiana and Gabe.

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Kinetikos Bodywork Therapy is located at 920 Massachusetts, Suite 1 in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. Our office is on the east side of Massachusetts Street, between 9th and 10th Streets, upstairs above The Roost.

Parking and Entrances

The downtown parking garage, between 9th and 10th on New Hampshire, provides free two-hour parking. Our alleyway entrance is the wildly-colored door with signs for The Yoga Center of Lawrence and Neighborhood Studios, and is opposite the parking garage. Metered parking is available on Massachusetts, and our Mass Street entrance is just to the right of The Roost's.

About Our Name and Your Body

Kinetikos is the Greek word for moving or putting into motion. The proper functioning of our body is dependent upon so much internal motion--blood and lymph flow, nerve impulses, muscle and connective tissue movement, and more. All of this internal motion makes our external motions possible--we can walk, drink water, fight an infection, and respond with lightning reflexes.

But over time, our body and all of its systems accumulate bits of damage from everyday living and occasionally suffer from injury that is structurally traumatic to our body. This causes our internal motions to become less well coordinated, and subsequently, we experience a variety of health problems from aching backs to anxiety to insomnia. Many health problems that we face as we age are caused by, or aggravated by, the body's structural problems. It is our goal to help bring your muscles, connective tissue, bones, nervous system, and organs back to a state in which all of your body's movements, internal and external, are smooth and efficient and provide you with optimal health.