Spiritual Counseling

In Spiritual Counseling sessions, Clementine Mitchell integrates energetic, hands-on, and intuitively inspired techniques for transforming the spiritual, emotional, and psychological barriers to complete well-being. This work provides the opportunity to access the subconscious beliefs, ancestral patterns, and hidden traumas that are key to the healing process.

Sessions vary depending on the needs and goals of the client, in tandem with Clementine's experience and intuitive insights. Multiple healing therapies, including the ones below, are integrated to provide dynamic support for each person's evolving needs.

Belief Transformation

Many of us are beginning to understand how significant our beliefs are to the conditions of our lives. As we think and feel in response to our belief systems, so too do we experience and create. Belief Transformation sessions focus on excavating the root beliefs held deeply within the subconscious. Through clearing perceived limitations, all new possibilities emerge. This process temporarily engages elements of one's life story, then expeditiously releases related energetic blocks. The benefits range from improved health, to increased happiness and vitality, to greater ease and abundance in all aspects of life. Sessions are also valuable for trauma release and awakening new levels of awareness.

Access Bars

Access Bars is a subtle but potent process for resetting the electromagnetic "bars" of energy related to different aspects of life such as awareness, creativity, power, money, or health. Bars sessions support clarity and expansion in many forms as well as deep relaxation and ease. Running the Bars is a great way to discover a whole new relationship to what is possible.

Quantum Regression

The hypnotic journey has endless possible destinations. Quantum Regression is a powerful opportunity to suspend the usual parameters of time and space in order to visit a significant piece of one's self. Pathways to the full and highest self are opened for receiving invaluable messages and healing. Sessions include pre-hypnotic discussion, guided visualization, and post-hypnotic processing and integration.

For more information about Clementine and her work, visit clementinemitchell.com.