Brian Ubert - Massage Therapist
913.706.7426 (c),

Brian’s years of experience working with athletes inspired him to become a board certified clinical rehabilitative orthopedic manual therapist in 2018. Brian brings a clinical perspective to his massage therapy practice by using orthopedic assessments for tissue conditions stemming from acute injury and chronic compensatory patterns, especially those arising from thoracolumbar, lumbopelvic, and femoral pathomechanics. In addition to working at Kinetikos for over 10 years, Brian spent 7 years with Sporting Kansas City, developing their first massage therapy program. He worked in conjunction with tactical and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and team doctors to develop comprehensive care solutions for enhancing optimal performance, reducing the potential for injury, and aiding in injury rehabilitation and recovery time. To schedule with Brian, click here.

Casey Emmerich - Lymphatic Therapist
785.766.4561 (c),

Casey became aware of the value of lymph therapy and the need of a Lawrence-area practitioner when a past surgery left her with lymphedema. Having developed a passion for working one-on-one in health and wellness fields through her 22 years as a dental hygienist, she decided to pursue lymph training herself so she could provide this service to her community. It matched her desire to expand her career toward a holistic practice, one with endless potential for continuous education. Casey quickly learned to appreciate the lymph system's role in our health and wellness, and the ways in which it can become impaired. In addition to her hands-on therapy, which directly and immediately supports and boosts the lymph system's function, Casey also provides her clients with guidance, support, and the tools to clear their organs and nourish their immune system through dietary and lifestyle changes. She is certified to work with clients that have lymphedema and is a teaching assistant through the Chikly Institute where she received her training. Casey has lived in Lawrence since 1983 and spends her free time with her children, Cienna and Indiana. For more information about Casey and her work, visiti To schedule with Casey, click here.

Cindi Thomas - Certified Advanced Rolfer©, Visceral Manipulation Practitioner, Neural Mobilization Practitioner, & CranioSacral Therapist
785.766.0413 (c),

Cindi became a Rolfer in 2001, a Certified Advanced Rolfer in 2013, and a Rolf Movement practitioner in 2015. She uses movement to guide her sessions and as a way to empower her clients. In addition to providing traditional Rolfing, Cindi integrates Visceral Manipulation, Neural Mobilization, and Craniosacral Therapy in her sessions. Cindi is compassionate, intuitive, and loves helping her clients achieve more ease in their bodies. Her undergraduate electrical engineering degree taught her to solve complex problems, a skill she applies to the complexity of the human body, and her work as a technical support representative at a software company honed her intuitive skills. She enjoys working in Kinetikos' collaborative environment. Cindi lives in Baldwin City with her husband, Chris and daughter, Zoe, and she loves reading and gardening in her spare time. To schedule an appointment, click here

Holly Krebs - Certified Rolfer©, Visceral Manipulation Practitioner, Neural Mobilization Practitioner, & CranioSacral Therapist
785.832.1720 (o),

Holly is a Certified Rolfer© and also practices Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy, and Neural Mobilization. In her multi-systems approach to bodywork, Holly weaves between all the tissues of the body—fascia, organs, nerves, bones, brain, fluids, muscles, and glands. She also explores beyond physical structures to behavioral, lifestyle, emotional, energetic, and thought patterns, which can limit us from living more freely and fully. Holly empowers her clients to make long-lasting transformations by educating them; improving awareness of their bodies' messages, shifting their relationship with pain, and providing logistical support for lifestyle changes. Holly completed her Rolfing training in 2008, and she also holds undergraduate degrees with honors in American studies and sociology from KU. She runs Kinetikos Bodywork Therapy, and with her husband, Brett Stoppel, purchased the Vitality Health Collective building in 2016 to create a space for collaboration amongst holistic health care practitioners. She and Brett live in Lawrence with their three children – Eli, Hazel, and Emerson. Holly is not currently seeking new clients and recommends her officemates, Cindi Thomas, Risa Kearn, Samuel Beecher, and Kalen Ledbetter for bodywork.

Kalen Ledbetter - Certified Rolfer©, CranioSacral Therapist, & Visceral Manipulation Practitioner
620.222.1018 (c),

Kalen attended the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO, after receiving an MFA from KU. Following a lifetime of dance and yoga, she aspired to study a new way of perceiving, contacting, and experiencing the body. Kalen has practiced with the therapists at Kinetikos Bodywork Therapy, for many years allowing her various approaches of study to marinate with her ongoing yoga practice into what continues to become her unique perception and touch. The Rolf Institute offered her the holistic method she had set her sights on, one she could invest herself in deeply and that meets a spectrum of goals. Kalen still finds the greatest benefit in the continuous learning from sharing work with other alternative therapists and through working with the unique experience of each client. She believes an individual’s psyche – made up of the inseparable mind-body – should be an infinite exploration! To schedule with her, please email or call her.

Kerry Hagner - Massage Therapist and Myofascial Release Therapist
518.569.2500 (c), 785.832.1720 (o)

Kerry trained at the Center for Natural Wellness in Albany, NY with a focus on clinical assessment and treatment of specific pain and mobility issues, and she continued her education in various movement and energetic modalities that treat the whole body and mind - not just the place that hurts. Kerry approaches each client with curiosity, gratitude and a broad toolkit to provide specific, individualized treatment within a holistic framework. Some of Kerry’s tools include: myofascial release, muscle/energy techniques, cupping, yoga, shiatsu acupressure, five-element Chinese medicine, tuning forks, and good old-fashioned relaxation massage. Myofascial Relase (MFR) involves gentle, sustained pressure into myofascial connective tissue restrictions to reduce pain and restore greater range of motion. Kerry offers MFR as a standalone treatment, but it can also be incorporated into any therapeutic massage. Kerry recently moved to Lawrence and is loving getting to know this quirky, deep-rooted community with her partner and two kids. To schedule an appointment, click here.

Risa Kearn - Certified Rolfer©, Visceral Manipulation Practitioner, Neural Mobilization Practitioner, & CranioSacral Therapist
785.760.1059 (c),

Risa Kearn aims to bring clients a deeper understanding of their bodies, how they work, and how they can work even better through each of the modalities she practices. She draws from her many classes and life experience to educate clients and increase their self-awareness. Listening with her ears, hands, and intuition, Risa has a welcoming personality and brings patience and kindness to each session. A Lawrence native, Risa is also a University of Kansas graduate with degrees in Social Welfare and General Science. She served two years as an AmeriCorps volunteer after college and graduated from the Rolf Institute in 2008. An academic All-American rower in college, Risa uses the work ethic and love of learning developed at KU to drive her personal and professional quest to keep evolving. She lives on a farm east of Lawrence with her husband and two sons and is a sustainable agriculture and rotational grazing enthusiast.

Samuel Beecher - Certified Hellerwork© Practitioner
785-551-2485 (c),,
Samuel’s work as a movement educator and structural integrator is centered in mindful, compassionate dialogue. He invites your relationship with body, sensation, and emotion to be one filled with curiosity and compassion. The curriculum in the Hellerwork Structural Integration training has supplemented his intuitive and play-based approach to movement and the body with manual therapy techniques, movement education, and body-mind awareness dialogue. In a session, you may experience hands-on work in various positions on the table, sitting, standing, and in movement. Samuel is honored and inspired to practice at Kinetikos, a place where three generations of his family have received healing and support. Samuel trained as a Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner at the Universal College of the Healings Arts and has plans to continue his education with studies in CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and Somatic Therapy. To schedule an appointment, click here.

Susie Roman - CranioSacral Therapist
785.813.1782 (c),,

With over 15 years of experience in bodywork, Susie has chosen to focus on CranioSacral Therapy. After extensive study of muscle behavior and development through continuing education and during her time working in a physical therapy office, she began to understand the significance of working with fascia to restore health. This discovery led her to CranioSacral Therapy in 2011 and, after experiencing first-hand the life changing depths of this work, she developed a passion for it. It has been her experience, both personally and professionally, that cognitive, physical, emotional, and physiological challenges are all interconnected and related to one another and they can be accessed and alleviated through the craniosacral system. In 2015, Susie began working with infants and children and has since become known in her community and surrounding areas as a resource for helping little ones overcome their challenges. Susie received her education in CranioSacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute, an institution with a history of rigorous clinical research and application, to ensure the highest quality of training available. She now serves as a Teaching Assistant for the Upledger Institute and is a Certified Study Group leader to assist other practitioners in deepening their knowledge and experience with the work.


Kinetikos Bodywork Therapy is located at the Vitality Health Collective, 401 Arkansas St, Lawrence, Kansas. Our building is located on the southwest corner of 4th and Arkansas, catty-corner to the hospital. Arkansas is not accessible from 6th St, so turn north on Maine or Michigan to access 4th St.

About Our Name and Your Health

Kinetikos is the Greek word for moving or putting into motion. The proper functioning of our body is dependent upon so much internal motion--blood and lymph flow, nerve impulses, muscle and connective tissue movement, and more. All of this internal motion makes our external motions possible--we can walk, drink water, fight an infection, and respond with lightning reflexes.

But over time, our body and all of its systems accumulate bits of damage from everyday living and occasionally suffer from injury that is structurally traumatic to our body. This causes our internal motions to become less well coordinated, and subsequently, we experience a variety of health problems from aching backs to anxiety to insomnia. Many health problems that we face as we age are caused by, or aggravated by, the body's structural problems. It is our goal to help bring your muscles, connective tissue, bones, nervous system, and organs back to a state in which all of your body's movements, internal and external, are smooth and efficient and provide you with optimal health.