Lymph-Drainage Therapy

Our bodies’ tissues accumulate waste from chemicals, additives, drugs, and regular metabolic processes. The lymph fluid—the fluid of the immune system—gathers these wastes and transports them from your tissues to your lymph nodes, which clean the fluid. The lymph’s transportation channels (like the arteries and veins for the blood) can get clogged and sluggish, so they no longer effectively transport wastes and clean your tissues. When wastes accumulate in our body, we experience fatigue, allergies, illness, and pain. Lymph Drainage Therapy clears the lymph’s channels and amplifies its flow, therefore detoxifying the body and improving health and immune function. This work is good for people with chronic swelling or swelling from injury, auto-immune diseases, and chronic inflammation as well as those who are interested in cleansing and regenerating their tissues. See The Chikly Institute for more information about this therapy.