The Breath

We breathe without thinking, so why think about it? Because the breath is an extraordinarily powerful tool that we can use to improve our everyday experience of life. Read on to learn about the function and structure of the breath, its interaction with the nervous system, and how to explore and improve it. Use this information to gain a better sense of what is and what should be occurring in your body with each inhalation and exhalation throughout the day.

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Kalen's Website

Kalen has started a website as a medium to write about her work and to share art. Check out her latest post as well as her descriptions of each session of the series at

Our Structure and How It Responds to Injury

The body has three main structural components--bones, muscles, and connective tissue. Bones, through the integrated system of the skeleton, provide the structural support that holds you upright. The skeleton is like the foundation of a house; lower bones support the weight of the upper bones. When our bones are properly aligned, they provide the support to counteract gravity's pull on our whole skeleton. Our foundation stands straight, and we move with ease. When our bones are not aligned, our structure starts to sag, and in order to keep it functioning properly, our muscles and our connective tissue are recruited to perform the function of bones.

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