• Craniosacral Therapy reduces tensions on the connective tissue surrounding your brain and spine, which can help headaches, reduce mental tension, and help balance the nervous system.

  • Hellerwork Structural Integration facilitates the unraveling of deeply held restrictions through a combination of dynamic bodywork and movement awareness education that improves ease and fluidity of being. Align and balance body, mind, and spirit and experience lasting relief from pain, injury, and stress as this work opens, restores, and empowers you to relate to yourself and the world in new am inspiring ways.

  • Lymph Drainage Therapy is a detoxifying therapy that amplifies and organizes your lymph flow (the immune system's fluid) to clear toxins from your muscles and organs.

  • Massage relaxes your muscles and your mind, reduces your tension and pain, and increases your body’s fluid flow to flush toxins out of your body.

  • Neural Mobilization unbinds the nerves' pathways, allowing the nerves to move freely. This reduces much localized pain and relaxes muscles, connective tissue, and joints as they no longer need to restrict their movement to accomodate the nerves' restrictions.

  • Rolfing reorganizes your soft tissues to realign your skeleton, which tends to bring long-lasting pain relief and improves posture and mobility.

  • Visceral Manipulation frees restrictions in the connective tissue surrounding your organs, which can relieve the strain these restrictions place on your spine and improve your organs' function.